Body Brushing



A daily dry body brush has great benefits. It boosts your lymphatic system and circulation, diminishes cellulite and helps to cleans your kidneys. All it takes is 10 minutes before jumping into the shower. Brush your thighs, stomach and arms in long upward strokes towards your heart only until your skin turns slightly pink. You will soon notice a smoother, more even skin tone. It is also one of the most effective tools for combating the oh so unpleasant orange-peel skin.

I have become a total fan of this treatment. It is the best feeling when putting of your clothes at the end a long day to gently brush the strains of the day away and feel a tingling all over. Brushing the strains of the day off feels amazing. Your whole body seems to glow after that soothing massage.

Try and stick to those 10 minutes per day and you will soon notice a difference. It takes about 21 days to change and form new habits. So lets try and do this! I will check back with you in a couple of weeks to see how you are getting on!


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