Hydration, hydration, hydration!



We all live busy and hectic life’s and sometimes just forget to drink enough water. Oh, but it is so important. We are 90% made of that good stuff and it really helps regulate so many processes in our body. Water keeps our digestion going, flushing out toxins and other nonsense. It helps our skin glow and look firm, it combats tiredness and headaches.

I start my day with a big glass of room temperature water while making breakfast for the kids. And have one more just before we set of to school. To keep at it during the day I have purchased a gorgeous portable glass bottle which I take everywhere to keep up the good work of hydration! Also munching on plenty fruit and veg during the day will help to properly hydrate your cells as veggies and fruit contain a lot of structural water that is slowly absorbed into the body. One other little trick I use is to always have a glass of water just after I have been to the toilet. That way I top up!

Delicious infused water is a great way to enjoy water with a bit of a twist. I love old fashioned lemon and mint but also watermelon with basil is a tasty combination. 


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